El Paso is known for having a lot of cat owners and strays which I've never experienced this with my cat! Cats believe in being faithful when it comes to their owner coming across a stray cat. This cat above is living proof that they also dislike their owner to cheat on them.

Rachel Kane wanted to show you exactly why she does not let her cat out when the stray is outside. Apparently she's had to break up a cat fight (literally) between her cat and the stray that hangs outside her apartment. She thought it would be a good idea to record exactly what happens when she is friendly and pets the stray kitty. Her cat Ricky displays exactly how he feels about Rachel (his owner) going against him and cheating. Ricky stayed upset for about two minutes after smelling the stray's scent on his owner. From the looks of this video it seems like cheating doesn't only exist in the human world.

Hopefully your pets don't get the same way Ricky does after petting a stray animal!

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