After kicking a cat off a chair, a guitarist attempted to be a cool kid and film his guitar playing. Just as the guy who wears sunglasses indoors begins to play, the cat gets its revenge.

First, I really hope this guy isn't the cat's owner. Any one who kicks an animal deserves a special place in hell, especially if it's a cat. We all know cats are spawns of Satan, so don't screw with them.

Second, take off those sunglasses, man. Only the Terminator can get away with wearing sunglasses constantly. So, unless you have red eyes, take them out.

Last but not least, who puts plants on the edge of the stairs? Did you think they make you look like you are playing in a forest? Come on man, this isn't the ideal background for a YouTube video. Get creative.

Luckily, the cat helps this guy redecorate and gets a little revenge for that awful kick. You go cat, throw down all those hideous plants. The lesson here is to not mess with a cat, especially for a lame guitar playing video.

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