I know it may be hard to believe it because of the weird weather we're having, but Spring is right around the corner. It's El Paso, so it is possible that it could be snowing in the morning and it's suddenly spring time in the afternoon.

With Spring around the corner, that could only mean one thing in the Sun City- poppy season! Poppy season is a great time in El Paso. As a life long Northeaster, I'm always happy to report back to people and let them know when the poppies start popping up.

Every year, El Pasoans head for the mountains in hopes of getting their perfect poppy season selfie- and I don't blame them, they're beautiful! And this year, the Castner Range coalition working alongside The Frontera Land Alliance, Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project, the El Paso Community Foundation and the Franklin Mountain Wilderness Coalition, will celebrate poppy season with community events throughout the month!

The events have already begun, but they go on through April 3rd. The Castner Range Coalition’s community events include:

  • 1. Hiking at the foot of Castner Range
  • 2. Community trail-work and clean-up on Knapp Land
  • 3. Educational events for the whole family
  • 4. ArtStream: Expressive journeys through art
  • 5. Many Earth Day activities (Earth day is April 22 FYI)

Castner Range is home to 7,081 acres of West Texas beauty and has historical significance that dates back thousands of years. It tells the complete story of how our region became home to the world’s largest bilingual, binational workforce in the Western Hemisphere.

To find out more about these events check out Castner Range's Facebook page, and to check out more events check out the Frontera Land Alliance calendar.

El Pasoans in the Poppies






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