If you aren't familiar with El Paso professional wreslter 'Cassandro El Exotico', whose real name Saul Armendariz, just head to YouTube and search 'Cassandro lucha libre' or 'Cassandro El Exotico'. Lots of videos pop up. Here are just a couple of them.

There's going be a new movie about Cassandro El Exotica coming to Amazon and Gael Garcia Bernal will portraying the famous El Pasoan. Just how did it all begin for Cassandro? When asked about his beginning and how he got into wrestling, Armendariz responded:

"I could just cross the border and go to a lucha libre and that was my therapy from the weekend. I grew up between fronteras, Juarez and El Paso. One of the biggest sports here was lucha libre.

Cassandro has spent 32 years in lucha libre, and it wasn't necessarily what he wanted to do:

I ended up being a wrestler by error. My friend told me, 'Hey come and train with us.' I was like, 'Nombre estas loca! I'm not gonna do lucha libre.

He continued:

I found myself in lucha libre. I first discovered who I was not, and then I discovered who I was then.

Armendariz has talked about his struggles as a kid, but that's not necessarily what the new Amazon movie is going to be about. He says it's going to focus on encouraging kids to reach for their dreams despite obstacles that might get in their way. Filming for the movie is scheduled to being this January (2021) down in Mexico City.

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