A woman was having her car transported from Alaska to Washington. When her car arrived she realized something was missing. And there was a note for her.

A woman is Alaska was horrified ad disgusted when she found a note in her vehicle, letting her know that a worker had used the condoms from her vehicle and the person wanted to tell her about it.

Sam Owens was shipping her vehicle from Alaska to Seattle, Washington so she could drive it down to Nevada. When she picked up her vehicle, she began driving and wanted her chapstick form her makeup bag that had been in the car during the transport. Inside the make-up bag, she found a handwritten note from someone who worked for Alaska Car Transport, the company that transported her vehicle.

On a piece of paper the worker wrote:

I took your condoms...used them with a lady coworker :) would love to tell you about it.

The workers also gave his personal email for her to contact him. Owens says she was horrified and disgusted by the note and the use of her personal property. She contacted the transport company but is being refused a refund. She also says that she is "fearing for my life because an obviously very creepy man knows my address and personal information and has seen photos of me that were inside."

She put the note and the information up on her Facebook so others could see and share her experience. So far Alaska Car Transport has issued no comment regarding Sam Owens' claims.

So I shipped my car with Alaska Car Transport to Seattle to drive it down to Nevada. When I was in Portland my lips were...

Posted by Sam Owens on Monday, February 1, 2016

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