I thought that was a cool title, but that's not exactly how Candlebox themselves worded it.......

I've been trying to get this video into a blog since I filmed it but, thanks to my absolutely stunning abilities with videos and computers, it's premiere has been delayed.  I (with the assistance of half The Q staff) finally got it ready for you though!!  :)

During Street Fest this year, I was hanging out with Candlebox and I had a great idea. "Let's show the KLAQ family what life on the road is like for rock stars", says I!!

They looked at me like I was a complete moron.

Fortunately though ... after a few tequilas ... they went for it!!

At long last, here's the video!  The first of what I hope will become a "series" of these things, so you can all see how your favorite rockers live, drive and survive!!

Welcome aboard!!  (Careful, there be language here...)

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