Cartoons can be funny, or in the case of a memorial drawn for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a touching tribute. Cpl. Cirillo was killed earlier this week when a gunman stormed the Canadian Parliament building. Cpl. Cirillo was guarding the National War Memorial when he was shot and killed by the gunman. A Canadian cartoonist captured the mood of the country after that devastating day.

Bruce MacKinnon works for Halifax's The Chronicle Herald, and his depiction of a fallen Cpl. Cirillo being lifted up by the soldiers who died before him is nothing short of poetry without words.

Because we have Fort Bliss so close, El Paso has seen it's share of fallen soldiers throughout the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope this cartoon gives the families of all our fallen soldiers a little peace. I believe that all the troops who have died in the line of duty, welcome those who have given their lives in defense of their country with open arms.

God bless Cpl. Cirillo and his family. God bless our American troops who are still standing between us and our enemies. May they all be safe.

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