The historic cathedral was firebombed early Monday morning.

A molotov cocktail, (basically flammable liquid inside a glass container which is lit and thrown), was used to try and set fire to St. Patricks Cathedral very early Monday morning. According to KVIA, the El Paso Catholic Diocese said:

"We can confirm that an act of vandalism took place at St. Patrick Cathedral last night. There is currently an active investigation by the FBI. We will defer all further questions and comments to the FBI." - KVIA

No major damage was done to the historic church as the molotov cocktail bounced off a window and fell outside the building. One window was broken but, that appears to be the extent of the damage. KVIA also reported that the cathedral is equipped with security cameras but said no pictures or video have been released.

The FBI is investigating the incident. If you have any information about this terrible act, please notify them.

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