The entire planet is on fire! Somehow, this extreme heat seems to be the worst in Texas! This is not a heat to joke around with; this heat will make you act crazy!

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Right now, in Texas, it feels like that level on Super Mario 3 where the sun is trying to kill you!

And it doesn't look like the heat is going to slow down anytime soon! Here in El Paso, we saw a consecutive 40 days of triple digit heat- only for the record to take a two day break when temperatures hit a cool 98 degrees!

With temperatures like this, it stands to reason that you may not be your usual self. I know that when it gets way too hot I get cranky and irritable and sometimes say things I shouldn't say! If you are like me, then maybe this cake will help!

The good people over at an H-E-B have created this amazing cake that will, hopefully, let others know that you didn't mean the things you said when there's an excessive heat warning!

The cake explains beautifully what I would like to express to some of my close friends who have, unfortunately, seen a side of me that should never see the light of day. In my defense, if it's 109 degrees out, maybe we shouldn't get the table at the patio for brunch!

The experts over at H-E-B have done it again, because this cake seems to be a hit! Because of course, things are always better when cake is involved; just make sure to keep it indoors or it will melt!

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