Wow. After last week's mid-season premiere I don't think any fan can expect the same level of drama or action from this week's episode. It looks like Carl is about to wake up (minus one eye). They've been teasing out the introduction of Negan for over a year now so maybe this week we'll finally get to see the man.  Also, Walking Dead comic readers can't quit talking about the coming of...Gay Jesus.

Here's this week's question. As I was watching the battle of Alexandria last Sunday, before characters like Gabriel and Eugene found their sacks, I was asking myself, "What deceased characters would I most want to have by my side in a zombie melee?"

Let's pick your top 3. What characters would you like to have back, from a standpoint of helping you in the heat of a pitched battle against the undead? Also, let's put in the caveat that whomever you pick to help fight the zombies, you also have to keep them as a member of your community. Therefore, you may want Shane back because he's a good fighter but you may not want him back because he's kind of an a**hole.

Here's my list:

1.) Tyrese- He's a great melee fighter. He doesn't need a fancy weapon to be effective. Also, he's got a strong moral code and maybe Sasha wouldn't be so mopey if he were alive.

2.) Andrea- She turned into quite an effective combatant under Michonne's tutelage. I wouldn't mind Andrea having my back. Or my front, if you get my drift.

3.) Hmmm. This one took a lot of time to decide. I thought about Merle because he's such a hard-ass. But Merle comes with a lot of downside. I considered Eastman because of his skill with a bo staff but then I remembered that he's the one who convinced Morgan to be a pacifist. He may be good in a fight with Walkers but what good is he against living marauders?

That's why I settled on.....(drum-roll)....T Dog! Good fighter. Reliable. Also, I've always thought it would be cool to have a black friend with a "street" name like "T Dog".

Matthew Welch
Matthew Welch