Once a week, we present and “Unfun Fact”. Last week we learned about dolphins who commit suicide in captivity. Today, we’ll learn about a the singer of a novelty song who died during a police standoff while his very famous relative tried to talk him into surrendering.

Our story starts with a very, very silly song:

You’ve probably heard this novelty song…either with a dancing banana video, or from sports venues around the country or from multiple episodes of Family Guy appearing as yet another bit that Seth McFarlane absolutely runs into the ground.

But, do you know the tragic story about how the man who sang Peanut Butter Jelly time met his demise? Well, there’s a pretty interesting, yet depressing, story.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time was a song by Buckwheat Boyz…a novelty act that only release a single full length record. The singer on the song was named Jermaine Fuller. Jermaine Fuller got into an altercation in Las Vegas in 2002 with a police officer. He shot the officer in the chest and the head. The officer would go on to actually recover from his wounds. After the shooting, Jermain Fuller broke into a nearby apartment and took two men who were in the apartment hostage. The hostages managed to escape and Mr. Fuller barricaded himself inside the bathroom of the apartment, threatening officers that he would shoot if they tried to come in.

The standoff went on for hours. At some point, Jermaine Fuller contacted local television stations and told them that he had a very famous relative. While the standoff was still happening, police confirmed the Fuller’s claim of having a famous relative. Vegas cops reached out to the celebrity, who made a taped message. In the message, the relative told Fuller “It’s not too late. We’ve got lawyers who can take care of this. Just do what the police tell you”.

The relative was his brother-in-law, Calvin Broadus….better known to the world as Snoop Dogg.

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Jermaine Fuller was the brother of Snoop Dogg’s wife Shante…and it was Snoop Dogg’s voice that tried to talk Fuller down.

Snoop’s message was in vain though. Hours later, police entered the bathroom where they found Jermaine Fuller dead of a single gunshot wound to the head. It was later determined that he committed suicide at some point during the 11 hour standoff.

The Buckwheat Boyz disbanded after Jermaine’s death. The world will never know if they would have had multiple sandwich themed hits.

This has been your Unfun Fact of the Day.


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