Nico Adjemian is known for being a little…jumpy. If you don’t believe me watch this.

In honor of Nico’s skittishness we thought it would be fun to take him through our radio station haunted house, CarnEvil.

I was expecting hilarious jump-scares. I was completely unprepared for all the sweat. So much sweat.

My quick review of the CarnEvil Haunted House: it’s really, really good! It took a solid 20 minutes for us to walk through. And we were running through some parts! There aren’t any dead spots. There were creepy ghouls around every corner, the costumes were very scary and/or gross and the people in the costumes really go right up to that line of “not touching the customers”. In addition to multiple horrific clowns, this CarnEvil features multiple “side-show freaks”. We have a sign outside that warns against going through if you’re pregnant or have a heart condition. They should add “Bring a towel if you’re Nico Adjemian “ to that sign, though.

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