Buzz Adams took a taser to the nuts live on air this morning after making a stupid bet with KTSM weatherman Mark Mathis.

KLAQ Morning Show's Buzz Adams is an OU-ex. KTSM weatherman Mark Mathis is a proud Baylor Bear. For some reason -- possibly alcohol-related -- Buzz thought it would be a good idea to bet Mark on the football game, won by Baylor 41-12. That meant Mark got to taser Buzz in the nuts!

The game, pitting the Sooners' meager offense against the Bears' machine, was a blowout by the second half. The spread was Baylor -17! What was Buzz thinking?!

Either way, credit to Buzz for going through with it, even though he tried bribing Mathis with $100. And credit to us for catching it on video to play on loop for the rest of eternity: