Almost a month ago, back on April 15th, two men broke into Forti’s Mexican Elder and busted into the cash registers, stealing two cash drawers and a small, undisclosed amount of money.

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Surveillance cameras at the restaurant filmed the two, proving that even is you wear a mask, chances are you can still probably be identified when you're covered in tattoos. One of the men had a medium to heavy build, and even though he's wearing a mask you can still see tattoos on his arms and neck.

The first suspect was wearing a Spiderman mask, a T-shirt and denim pants. The second suspect was wearing a ski mask, a hooded jacket with lines on the sleeves and high-top athletic shoes.

Crime Stoppers of El Paso and the El Paso Police Department are hoping you can help identify the men involved in the robbery. Take a look at the video below to watch the surveillance footage.

If you have any info you are urged to get a hold of Crime Stoppers of El Paso by calling 566-TIPS, that's 566-8477 or by going to

So help me out with this. What's the point of wearing a mask if you aren't going to cover up your tattoos? I mean, the only way this isn't an issue is if your tattoos are so generic, they look like everyone else's. But wouldn't that defeat the point of tattoos? Aren't they supposed to be an expression of who you are?

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