Things around the office have been a little "blah" lately. There seems to be a fog over us that has put us all in a creative funk and also has given me the worst allergies I've ever had! This time we didn't forget to record the podcast, which has seem to be a struggle to us lately. But our new episode is up and you can hear it on SoundCloud.

On this week's episode we discuss Easter celebrations and how lit my Easter weekend used to be when I was little. These days, even though I'm Catholic, I barely even celebrate Easter. My Easter party weekends peaked at eight years old.

We also discuss the release of Warner Bros. La Llorona. We've read the reviews and they are not good. It's such a shame too because growing up my Grandma's rendition of the weeping woman urban legend would give me chills.

Check out What the Buzz on SoundCloud and tune in next week! Let us know, had you heard the story of La Llorona? Will you be seeing the movie? What other urban legend would you prefer to see on the  big screen?

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