Arm wrestling does take some great skill, but toe wrestling requires muscles I never knew the human body had.

Alan "Nasty" Nash has been dominating the toe wrestling world has he earned his 12th title over the weekend. This bizarre competitive challenge seems to be big in England as the event was held in Derbyshire, England. It is believed that toe wrestling has been happening since 1976, but didn't become an have an actual competition till 1994.

The goal of the game is to basically pin the other person's foot down. Nash uses a brutal and intimidating technique as he described it to Metro, “My technique,” he said. “Is to hurt the first person that comes into the ring with me: hurt them bad and terrify everyone else.”

Even though Nash has broken nine of his toes, he is still determined to continue to work hard to keep his title, no matter the price. I love his determination and his little dance as he enters the toe wrestling ring. Your witnesessing a legend in the making.