Emily and I are back with a brand new episode of "What the Buzz"! This new episode, called "Send Dunkaroos" is now available on multiple platforms, and conviently available for you at KLAQ.com on the "Listen Now" player.

In this episode, Emily and I discuss our extracurricular activities, like roller skating and riding bicycles. I'm currently in the process of teaching my nephews how to write a bike! Emily tells us how she became traumatized when she learned how to ride a bike. She knows how to, but unless it's a life or death situation- there's no way she's going to be riding a bike! Also, what are the rules with bike riding? Can I ride my bike on the sidewalk?!

I'm breaking in my new roller skates- and skating is a lot harder than I remember! My balance is bad and my knees are not what they used to be. We talk about the good old days at Roller King. Remember Roller King? It was great. Really, I'm just trying to create serotonin anyway I can, by riding my bike, roller skating and eating Dunk-A-Roos! Hence why we titled this episode "Send Dunk-A-Roos".

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Emily and I are also counting down the days to Halloween. We're inching closer to the 100 day mark, and it makes us ponder- should we do a celebration of "100 days to Halloween"? If so, what would you like to see? In the end, Emily and I list the horror movies we're looking forward to this year now that movie theaters are open again.

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