Brazil's Miss BumBum Pageant is a very prestigious event in that country. Winners can expect to make thousands of dollars in endorsements and become huge celebrities in Brazil.

This years pageant has been sullied with multiple controversies. Accusations of bribery and butt implants flew in the lead-up to the event. Also, in an aspect sorely missed from our Miss America and Miss USA pageants, contestants took to social media to insult and demean their competitors. Also, the talent portion of the pageant is a strip-tease.

This years Miss BumBum is Dai Macedo, on of the main parties in the bribery accusations. Sporting a 42 inch derriere, Miss Macedo says she would like to become a television newscaster. . To that I say, "If you can teach your butt to read the news, I think you'll be a shoe-in for the job!"

Follow the link, below, for the amazing video of the Miss BumBum 2013 Pageant.

( I think it's in Portuguese but, on the other hand, who cares?)


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