Whether you are in one of our areas original bands, a cover band or do a little of both, your talent could make money outside of your band

Some of you are already doing things like being in multiple bands, doing weddings and other functions or singing in Church.  (Yes, some Churches pay their musicians and those that do, sometimes pay well!!)

Here are a few other ideas:

  • Teaching. There are at least 2 music schools here in El Paso, (Let There Be Rock School and Sound Stage 9), see if they need any help!
  • Cruise Ship Singer.  If you like to travel and want to enjoy (most of) the benefits of being on a cruise, look into a gig like this.
  • Session Singer. Some recoding bands need an extra voice, emergency fill in, etc.  Be sure local recording studios have your info in case they're asked!
  • Advertising jingles can pay well too.  Contact area advertising agencies and ask what they want in order to keep you in mind for these gigs

There are other ideas and some apply to all musicians, not just the singers.  Good luck!

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