If you're looking for something to do this Memorial Day Weekend in El Paso, you have loads of options including watching artists at work - live.

The holiday weekend is a great time to get out and roam around for at least one day, better yet, spend all 3 days having fun around the 915.

If you're an artist, or just really into art, you'll love the Borderland Jam.

The 10th annual Borderland Jam Public Graffiti and Art show takes place downtown, in the historic "Segundo Barrio", and will feature local, national and international artists throughout the weekend.

Segundo Barrio is one of the oldest neighborhoods in El Paso and sits proudly on the National Register of Historic Places. It was also named one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the entire United States of America.

The history of the Borderland Jam dates back to 1995 when the Border Youth Mural Collective, an all-volunteer organization to help keep the city clean, was founded by artist Dave ‘Graves’ Herrera. The Pershing Theatre in the area known as Five Points in Central El Paso was the building first used by the group before the project was moved to Segundo Barrio. - El Paso Matters

Check out some of the fun during last years Borderland Jam ...

Check out some photos of some amazing artists doing their thing here. Better yet, go see 'em action for yourself this weekend in Segundo. Family friendly fun, an educational experience and the chance to watch art be created right before your eyes all wrapped up in one great festival.

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