I don't know about you but I'm excited to have a cold one with Deftones very own Abe Cunningham tonight. If you don't have any plans because your show already broadcasted their season finale, well, now you do. Tonight will be the only time I will feel okay about drinking by myself (physically) because technically I'm not alone. Hopefully, you already have your beer, wine, or liquor ready and waiting at home.

If not, don't make a stop that isn't necessary. Instead, a nice cold glass of Tang should suffice. Abe Cunningham will be hosting an online happy hour session that fans should take advantage of. This means you have quite a bit of time to hunker down and brainstorm whatever questions you have for Abe Cunningham. Plus, some of the other guys may join in on happy hour too.

You're more than welcome to join the shenanigans which will be on Deftones Instagram. The fun will begin later tonight at 6 pm on their Instagram.

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