Lot's to celebrate birthday - wise this month!

2 out of 4 of these guys are celebrating anyway:

Rob Halford:  Believe it or not, The Metal God hits the big 60 (date).  Here are a few trivia bits about Uncle Rob you can use to win free drinks with! Did you know he wiped out on his Harley on stage once??  Read about that and more at loudwire.com

And on this day in 1949, Gene Simmons began his quest to sleep with every woman, everywhere.  Though a bit, shall we say, "full of himself"; he's actually a pretty bright guy. A great businessman, he speaks 4 languages and is an extremely patriotic American.  (Which in this day and age we can use a lot more of!)  Find out more about Chaim via thisdayinrock.com

Sadly, a couple of these birthday celebrations won't be attended by the guests of honor.  Dimebag Darrell and Layne Staley are no longer with us, but we'll never forget them. Or their music which, fortunately, will never die!!

Did you know Dimebag, who would have been 45, was buried with one of Eddie Van Halens guitars? Read about that and more at loudwire.com

Finally Layne Staley.  The "rock n roll"  lifestyle finally got the best of Layne who would have been 44 this year.  (He actually prophesized his own death and served as the inspiration for Metallicas "Death Magnetic".)  More about Layne for you from loudwire.com!

Have a beer .. or several .. to and for these guys tonight!  Cheers!!!!!!!