Dimebag Darrell is a name that will resonate with metal lovers & Pantera fans everywhere. We're familiar with his brother, Vinnie Paul, who played drums in Pantera. But if you've been on YouTuber & you came across a channel called The 8-Bit Guy, you'll be surprised to know that he revealed in a video that he's indeed related to the late Dimebag Darrell.

Who is The 8 Bit Guy on YouTube?

If you're fascinated with old computer technology (and weird gadgets) from the 80s, 90s & 2000s, you've seen the videos made by the Texas YouTuber David Murray, who lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His channel has over 1.4 million subscribers & during his time on YouTube, he's made many videos talking about the weird & interesting computers to ever exist.

He's even made a couple of videos talking about some of the interesting technology to came out of the Lone Star State before.

But the video that we're REALLY interested in is his video posted on his 2nd channel called 8-Bit Keys back in August, 1 2016, where he reviewed the Casio Superdrums Keyboard. Obviously he needed a pair of real drumsticks to test out to see how well they worked. About 4 minutes in the video, he pulls out a pair of Vinnie Paul Pantera drumsticks that were given to him.

8-Bit Keys via YouTube
8-Bit Keys via YouTube

And just who gave them the drumsticks? None other than his 2nd cousin Darrell... THE Dimebag Darrell.

What I love is that he didn't even make a big deal out of it; he just nonchalantly just mentions that he's related to Dimebag Darrell. One of the GREATEST guitarists that ever lived.

Here's to you David for your continued success on YouTube & to the late Dimebag & Vinnie Paul...

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