Recently, the folks over at Food Republic created a fry chart (not to be confused with a pit chart) that has people up in arms. It's a chart that ranks the best kind of fries. And apparently this is quite the heated topic of discussion.

What are the best types of French Fries? Well their list goes as follows:

  1. Waffle Fries
  2. Belgian Fries
  3. Tater Tots
  4. Standard Cut
  5. Garlic Fries
  6. Curly Fries
  7. Shoestring/Matchstick
  8. Crinkle Cut
  9. Cheese Fries
  10. Steak Fries
  11. Chips (British)
  12. Sweet Potato Fries

Here is my main issue with this list. Do garlic and cheese belong with the others? I figured the list should be about different types of fries, as in the way they're cut. Waffle, crinkle, etc. Garlic and cheese are toppings on the fries. So those right there should be eliminated.

As far as putting Waffle Fries on the top of the list, I'm okay with that. But then again, that's what I like.

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