Spring's here and bbq's are firing up all over the Sun City. If you don't have time to ... or just can't ... grill, no prob! There's plenty of good bbq in El Chuco!

I came across a list of the best BBQ joints in Texas and nope, not one was from El Paso. We've got some GREAT stuff around here though, here's my top 3:

Rib Hut. I love this place. It's casual, really laid back, the beer's cold and the ribs are freakin' amazing. The building's pretty cool too, an old A-frame style loaded with weird stuff.

Mo'z BBQ. Moz has been serving up bbq in El Paso for quite a while now, and it just keeps getting better. Really scenic location too, near the entrance to McKelligon Canyon.

Tony's The Pit bbq.One of the, if not THE, oldest bbq joints in town. Their hours are shorter than my other two picks but, if you can't get there in time, they deliver!

There's a few places in town I haven't tried yet so if you have any recommendations, let a brotha' know! These, mind you, are all El Paso based places. If you want to talk big restaurant chains, I'll go with the State Line, Famous Dave's and Rudy's.

What's your favorite?