Growing up on the border, trips to Juarez were a regular thing for my family. Of course, a lot also had to do with the fact that my grandma lived in Juarez. But on the off chance that we weren't visiting my abuelita, we loved to go to Juarez to eat and to shop.

I know many in El Paso have never had the chance, nor have had the desire, to cross the border and check out the scene in Juarez. Now a days, it may be a little more difficult to just visit Juarez.

But back in the day, it was defiantly an experience, walking down the avenue with all the shops and restaurants and the welcoming people, it was great! And I only knew it from the 90's, never how it was before that! Which is why when I came across this amazing picture of Juarez in 1967, I was filled with happiness.

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Check out how similar the bus looks to our streetcar. The vibrancy of the people walking by. Nowadays, the streets are no longer filled with people or traffic, in some ways the pandemic has robbed us from the joyous lives that have left their mark in those streets. or perhaps the dangers of the violence that occurs down there. Streets are more cautious, with soldiers standing, guarding the streets.

But if you ever cross the border today, and you pass by the Juan Gabriel mural, you'll always know you're safe. You're home. Do you have any fond memories of walking through Juarez?

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