In this era of technology, everyone wants to be a viral sensation. Even if that means destroying their body for YouTube views and Twitter followers. The hottest new social media video trend is the Banana Peel Challenge, The classic comedy gag of someone slipping on a banana peel has a new 2016 reboot. The object of the challenge seems to be teens trying their hardest to fall in a funny way after stepping on a banana peel. The videos I chose may have some NFSW language .

Jason Oaks on Twitter, the Banana Peel Challenge is bringing back physical comedy for all of social media to judge. Some of the videos shared by teens show them falling hard on their butts and some even worried about having broken bones after it. Anyone willing to possible break a wrist just to be a viral sensation is going to go far in social media life. They will probably gain followers, get tons of likes, and be social media famous for about 30 secs until someone posts a video of a cat.