100 thousand Bali civilians were told to evacuate their homes due to the volcano eruption. This is not the first time Bali had a massive volcanic eruption that's deadly to its civilians and tourists.

Abc News have captured dark smoke and ash that have is above Mount Agung. After this many people were told to immediately evacuate because of the volcano eruption. The last time they had a volcano eruption was in 1963 that killed more than 1,700 people. What sucks about this is the thousands of people who were told to evacuate are stranded since their main airport has been shut down. The National Agency for Disaster Management has issued a Level 4 alert which means it's possible for another massive eruption to occur. A big group of Balinese Hindus gathered together to pray in hopes of preventing another volcano eruption.

Hopefully, anyone who is in Bali can make out safely with no harm done.