While Texas HAS volcanoes in the state, they're extinct and the likelihood of them exploding is...well they won't. However that doesn't mean that Texas is entirely safe FROM volcanoes, especially when talking about the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park. If that thing explodes, it'll cause EXTREME amounts of damage to the states around it. But is Texas one of them?

Would Texas be safe from an eruption at Yellowstone National Park?

Even though Yellowstone is miles away in Wyoming, the Yellowstone Caldera is still considered one of the BIGGEST supervolcanoes in the world. Now even though it has been millions of years since its last eruption, scientists are constantly monitoring the activity to try to figure out when it could erupt next.

So is Texas safe from a Yellowstone eurption? The answer? Ehhh...yes & no. While we wouldn't be in the "kill zone", meaning we wouldn't be wiped out by the explosion, Texas would still indeed be affected by the amount of ash that would get launched from the volcano, the amount would be "enough to bury Texas 5 feet deep".

In fact, almost the entire state would be covered by ash, according to the U.S. Geological Survey; the only area that perhaps wouldn't is in deep South Texas, near the Mexico border.

But even if the ash doesn't cover the state, the drastic changes of temperature & weather that would result from the eruption would still cause massive damage to the entire nation, including Texas.

With this big imminent threat looming, shouldn't we be worried? Not really. Thankfully the likelihood of Yellowstone erupting, in our lifetime, is extremely slim; scientists say that there shouldn't be another eruption for at least another 90,000 years. So for now, continue living your lives like normally. We have nothing to worry about...well, at least regarding a supervolcano...

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