Some scientists are known for going to the extreme to get what they most desperately are in search for. This scientist did just that by risking their life to take a sample of the lava to bring back.

BBC is a publicly funded Bristish broadcaster that takes you on will take you through a dangerous adventure. We do not know the name of the certain scientist who got up close and personal with the volcano. But what we do know is he managed to survive his journey while standing on the rim of the lava lake. One of the world's leading authority figures for this volcano goes by the name of Dr. Dario Tedesco. Leading authority Dr. Dario Tedesco doesn't take his role as a joke as you will see. Some scientists risk everything for that sample because it gives vital clues about what is happening deep inside our planet.

The daredevil scientist escaped just in time before the lava started flowing over the spot he took his sample from!