It's times like these when I regret something I did a lot in the past. I used to ditch a lot when I was in high school. As for the days I wasn't ditching class, I physically attended just not mentally. Those were the times I wish I could go back and change. I would have learned about living 30 miles away from a National Natural Landmark sooner. I was 25 years-old when I barely learned about Kilbourne Hole.

Kilbourne Hole is a maar volcanic crater that was designated a National Natural Landmark the year 1975. The destination is not that far and is 30 miles West of the Franklin Mountains. There is actually a local group you can join to scope out Kilbourne Hole. NASA Earth Observatory can give you a look around the area that Kilbourne Hole is located featured above. It is gnarly knowing that there is still some ancient explosion left behind and not all volcanos are shaped the same. The crater lies between the Portillo Mountains and the Rio Grande in southern Dona Ana County. If you've never been and plan to in the future be sure to pay close attention to the ground. You will spot minerals in Kilbourne Hole called Olivine. Once Covid-19 lets us be I will be taking an adventure out there, will you? Let me know in the poll down below.

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