I know, we've "Babed" the heck out of KLAQ.com but this chick is more than "just a babe"!!

Theresa Marie Vail is a Miss America contestant with, of course, all the usual beauty pageant trademarks. Tall, thin, blonde, beautiful ... sexy as hell.

What more could you want right?  Well, there's LOTS more!

Miss Kansas is a boxer, a mechanic, a bow hunter, she rides and she's a sergeant in the U. S. Army!!  Not your typical, ditzy, cutie pie - barbie girl, Theresa can fix your bike, bring home dinner, shoot straight AND go 15 rounds with you!


Wait!  There's more!

She's also set to be the first Miss America contestant to show some ink!!  During the bikini round, we'll get to see her 2 tats.  The insignia of the U. S. Army Dental Core on her shoulder and The Serenity Prayer running up and down her right side.

Attention Dianna Dahlgren (Miss Supercross) and Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), you two are just going to have to learn to share!


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