Some of my favorite movies! Can't wait to see the return of the shagadelic spy!

Mike Myers is believed to be close to signing on for a fourth Austin Powers movie, according to sources cited by the Hollywood Reporter – which means Powers' band, Ming Tea, also may make a return.

Although the deal is not yet confirmed, Hollywood scuttlebutt via Hitflix has it that Myers has agreed to write, produce and star in the new film, which would be the first Austin Powers movie since 2002's Goldmember.

In addition to Myers as the inimitable (though many have tried) Austin Powers, Ming Tea features The Bangles' Susanna Hoffs as Gillian Shagwell on lead guitar, Matthew Sweet as Sid Belvedere on bass, Stuart Johnson as Manny Stixman on drums and Christopher Ward as Trevor Aigburth on guitar. Their song "BBC" appeared in the first Austin Powers movie and "Daddy Wasn't There" was in Goldmember. The band also has performed occasional live sets.

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