There are moments in this life that either wake you up or pass you by, if you're not careful. On this day 7 years ago, my life changed and I wouldn't have any other way, with the birth of my little Storm!

Becoming a father has literally made me realize that no longer are the days of selfishness. What actually occurs is an instant love affair that knows no boundaries. My life now revolves around the brightest star to ever captivate my universe. The love a child brings will make a grown man cry, not of sorrow but of pure and unrelenting love.

The thing I love about being a father to my "little mermaid" is knowing that how I live my life represents the world she will one day experience. The conversations that make my daughter express the little lady she's becoming is the biggest eye opener!

In a world where nothing is guaranteed the one moment this life has brought is only getting better. So Happy Birthday to my little girl who has made me the happiest dad walking God's green earth!

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