And what did you do today?  Kimi Werner totally lives off the land in Hawaii and she gets respect from great white sharks!

Kimi Werner is an ordinary girl living on the north coast of Oahu who doesn't live an exactly ordinary life.  She was the Patagonia Surf Ambassador who enjoys painting and cooking. (She went to culinary school ... try her recipe for blackened uku!)

Most of all, Kimi enjoys catching her food before preparing it!  (Kimi was the 2008 National Spearfishing Champion!) She can hold her breath for almost 5 freakin' minutes so staying under while "fishing" isn't much of an issue for her.  (I love the way she gets in the water at about :24)  She also goes after lobster and other sea critters.  Her neighbors chickens provide her with fresh eggs, friends who bow hunt keep the venison coming and she and her neighbors yards provide fruits and vegetables!


Kimi totally lives off the land, not depending on much beyond a few friends for her survival or happiness.  How awesome is that?  (There are days I settle for a cookie or a piece of bread 'cuz I can't bring myself to go to the store and grab a steak.)  She learned to love the ocean and live simply from her dad.  She says,

The moment I took up freediving and spearfishing again,  I reconnected to the happiness of my childhood.”

She loves the ocean and all it's inhabitants, including the ones that may well be "fishing" for her!  When running (errrr, swimming) across a HUGE great white shark, Kimi didn't lay low or swim away .... she went for a ride!

It happens around 2:30 in the video.

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