El Pasoans get excited as we hit the fall season for two things. Every year when fall comes around some people (including me) get excited about pumpkin spice coffee!

I am one of those who enjoys a pumpkin spice latte on occasion during the fall season. But once we hit fall season you know what is right around the corner! Most Hispanics prepare and look forward to tamale season. Tamale season frames between December 12 Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe through Epiphany which is January 6. Now, I had been seeing a meme a lot lately that makes tamales the favorite over pumpkin spice. I am not a crazy fanatic like some when it comes to tamales. Of course, tamales are a must have for the household during the Holidays like Christmas and New Years. My family is the type of people that wait in line at the butt crack of dawn to order dozens of tamales. Which is your favorite season between pumpkin spice and tamal season? If you love them both equally the same, I made sure to include that choice. Aren't you curious about whether El Paso is more for pumpkin spice lattes or tamales?

Vote for your favorite time of the year whether it be pumpkin spice time or tamals con carnals below!