Did you know yellow watermelon actually exists? I feel like I am the only one who has been living under a rock since I wasn't aware of this! A friend of mine from high school posted a photo yesterday on her Facebook of yellow watermelon.  It still looks just as quenching as the red watermelon does. She got a lot of feedback from others also unaware of yellow watermelon. The number one question was how it tasted and my friend Melissa said it tastes better! The yellow watermelon is a bit citrusy and sweeter than the red watermelon. Apparently, they sell these yellow watermelons in the Pecos and Odessa area. I enjoy citrusy fruits and this yellow watermelon is calling my name. Call me crazy but I would take a road trip just to bring back a few of these suckers. Thanks to my friend Melissa I will be taking a road trip next week to Odessa just for this yellow watermelon. If you're like me and haven't tried yellow watermelon, pick the answer you relate to more below!

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