Applebee's are once again making it a great month by giving us another fabulous dollar drink item! Times are tough and lots of Americans are looking for various ways to save some cash, especially during the holidays. Applebee's knows this and that's why they are again bringing us their Dollar Drink of the Month! We've seen them give us $1 Bahama Mamas, Long Island iced teas, vodka lemonades, zombie drinks and the original, the Dollarita. Now Applebee's decided to get festive for this month's dollar drink because 'tis the season to be jolly!

During the month of December, patrons can enjoy $1 Jolly Rancher drinks at participating Applebee's locations. Customers also get to choose which Jolly Rancher-flavored drink they would like to enjoy- Christmas color approved cherry or lime. They even come with a Jolly Rancher candy served on the side. Pop the candy in your drink to give it even more of that delicious candy flavor for you to enjoy. The drinks are super sweet so be careful! Not to mention that dollar price tag can get you into some serious trouble. The vodka drinks will be available throughout the month of December so head down to the local Applebee's to find Joanna any weekend this month. I might go join her for these.

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