The Angry Grandpa is at it again and this time, he's unleashing his frustration and anger on the television. Check out the hilarious video here.

The Angry Grandpa is a popular Youtube Channel where one guy and his grandpa get into shenanigans together and record it all for our viewing pleasure. The Youtube channel has over 2 million subscribers and tons of videos of grandpa telling it like it is.

Unfortunately for this Superbowl, grandpa is also a Carolina Panthers fan. After the disappointing performance by his team and their quarterback Cam Newton, the angry grandpa lost his mind on their nice flatscreen tv. One moment he was watching the game, the next he is grabbing the television and throwing it onto the tv trays filled with snacks. His reaction to the loss was legendary and he had some choice words for Cam Newton in this video.

My only advice to the angry grandpa?

Maybe next time till the game is over. We all know the Panthers didn't come back at the end but maybe there could have been hope, and he would have missed it.

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