AMC theaters are offering a special deal for kids this summer, giving them something affordable to do with their free time. But, not here in El Paso.

Starting Wednesday, the AMC Theaters Summer Movie Camp deal offers kids a movie ticket, snacks and a drink for only $4.00 at AMC theaters' across the country.

Except here, it seems.  The list of participating theaters on their website does not include El Paso.

I hope this is just an oversight because, it's a great deal. El Paso, after all, isn't exactly a super wealthy city and a deal like this would really help a lot of families out. It gives kids something safe to do, they're out of the heat, only kid-friendly movies are part of the deal and .. here's my favorite part ... it gets them out with other kids and off their freakin' phones! A great idea that I hope will be offered to us too.  So, with that being said:

Dear AMC El Paso,

Hook us up!!  Please??


El Paso

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