We are all familiar with El Segundo Barrio in El Paso and some of the stories.

The El Segundo Barrio is a historic Hispanic neighborhood that some of our relatives have lived in.

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Now I dunno about you, but I've always been a curious cat and wondered about real-life gangs. After watching movies like Blood In Blood Out and Boyz N the Hood can make someone wonder. It's like imagine worrying about your life possibly being taken away by an enemy compared to something that's less extreme.

Hear it personally from an El Paso man who's been through a lot due to his involvement with a gang.

Frank Blazquez travels around different states to interview and hear the trials of different gang members. His most recent story took place in Artesia, New Mexico. The gang he spoke to from Artesia goes by the name Sureños 13.

You can hear one of the gang members of Sureños 13 explain how well he knows the different types of sounds that certain guns make. He also discusses a fun night out with friends that turned deadly.

You can hear his story in the video below.

But earlier in the year back in January Frank Blazquez wandered around El Paso and spoke to a member of the 6th Street gang. An El Paso man named Enrique shared his personal stories of surviving in the 6th Street gang. Enrique shared how he survived a being stabbed 11 times.

Not only does he share his experience of being in Chuco Town's 6th Street gang, he shares how he also lost a few close friends.

Enrique was also proud to mention how his dad who served time (10 years) in jail is finally out. Hearing the stories behind these two gang members should show you the gang life ain't easy.

You can hear the whole story from Enrique himself by checking out Frank Blazquez's video below.

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