Comedian Amy Schumer has created a song basically getting down to the nitty gritty of big booty rap songs. With the help of model Amber Rose and rapper Method Man, Amy comes up with a catchy song you don't want to be caught singing in the office.

Big booties are so hot right now, so Amy wants to distort your vision of them! The constant war of boob vs booty debate will never end, but Amy has now thrown in her two cents of why men love the hiney. The only problem is she wants people to recognize what the booty really is. A fudge maker.

The main point of this song is to show no matter how beautiful a booty is, it still has one purpose, to get rid of all the nastiness in your body.

The next time you are admiring a glorious booty, this song will creep out from the deepest corner of your mind. It may or may not ruin your love for booties but this song will haunt you, or maybe Eric Schwartz version is more of your type.

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