Lately America's Got Talent has had my attention ever since I saw this brother and sister perform together! If you've been keeping up with that show then you should know I am talking about Billy and Emily England.

America's Got Talent made the right move when they decided to move Billy and Emily to the next round. Billy and Emily are brother and sister that work so well together while they strut their stuff on skates. I am so glad this pair has been making it to every final round and wouldn't be possible without their dangerous stunts. Not just this recent performance, but sine they have been performing definitely shows that they can defy death. They practice quite a bit to land every single dangerous move you will see above. They also have taken hard hits trying to one up their last performance for the judges. I am rooting for Emily and Billy England because sh*t, they have been able to prove they deserve the win.

If you're a fan of America's Got Talent and enjoyed this performance, be sure to give them your vote!



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