American evangelist Dr. Dennis Lindsay spoke to televangelist Jim Bakker last week about who he believes really built Stonehenge: giants created by Satan.

Televangelist Jim Bakker had Dr. Dennis Lindsay on his show recently, to discuss his new book. Dr. Dennis Lindsay is the President of Christ of the Nations Institute, an interdenominational Christian bible college in Texas. He is also an author and in his new book, which attempts to answer the centuries old questions,

Who built Stonehenge and for what purpose?

Well Dr. Lindsay believes he finally has the answer: Satanic giants.

Dr. Lindsay believes Satan created these giants to use as a tool to "destroy Israel." He continued,

“He build his little squatter’s hut up there on the Temple Mount, you know that temple, because he knows what the Bible says about that place. I weaved through why and what is the evidence for giant beings on this earth. We all know about Stonehenge, right? That’s just one of hundreds and hundreds of gigantic places around the world that testify that some sort of supernatural power or giants were involved in its construction.”

Uhh....I'd really like to hear more about their thoughts on the Aztec temples, Egyptian pyramids and Satanic aliens. Because I feel like they'll all be linked in some way to Stonehenge as well.

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