My uncle is the one responsible for introducing me to Alice In Chains when I was in high school. I am pretty stoked just as much as you are about them performing tonight at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. This Seattle rock band are gracing us with their presence and stoked to hear them for the first time live. In my opinion, I believe that usually hearing a live set makes certain songs sound so much better. I am looking forward to hearing some of my favorites but most of all "The One You Know" tonight! There are a lot of Alice In Chains fans since there aren't a lot of tickets left on sale. These guys have been around since 1987 and continue to amaze us still with their new music. We all can agree on how thankful we are for Jerry Cantrell for keeping the band together for over 30 years. Because if it weren't for Jerry, we probably wouldn't be able to see them live tonight. It is going to be a packed house tonight at the Abraham Chavez Theatre since there aren't many tickets remaining. I am assuming that today you're probably listening to a lot of Alice In Chains music to pregame before their show.

So if you own Alice In Chains merch, today is the day to wear it with pride at the concert tonight!