Consider yourself warned UTEP staff, the king of shock rock is a Messy Marvin.

Alice Cooper will rock the University of Texas at El Paso August 18th along with Motley Crue and Def Leppard.

Sun Bowl stadium staff, (and probably peeps in the first couple of rows), should know that there will be blood. And some other stuff ...

Alice Cooper does all kinds of things during his shows and some of them are going to require a little extra cleanup.

What's A Concert Rider?

His concert rider, (that's a list of things artists do or do not want in order to perform), contains the usual food, drink and technical needs as well as a warning to venue staff.

Consider yourselves warned, janitorial staffs at the 27 remaining venues booked for shows on the “Too Close for Comfort” tour: “An Alice Cooper show may involve confetti-filled balloons and/or streamers being tossed out into the audience, and/or the use of ‘stage blood’ in some of the theatrics, some of which may drip onto the stage or splatter into the audience,” the rider states. “No additional charges for cleanup will be allowed.” -

Can't say you weren't warned UTEP.

What Are Some Weird Concert Rider Demands?

Over the years I have seen some interesting items on band riders I've handled including socks, water guns, a horse, nitrogen tanks and children.

Yes, children. Don't freak out ...

P.O.D. wanted some kids to come onstage during Balloonfest one year and sing along with them during "Youth Of The Nation".

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