There are a couple of American Airlines pilots in Albuquerque, New Mexico who got the scare of a lifetime. The pilots who were in mid-air flying to Arizona from New Mexico encountered what seems to have been a UFO. The pilot had called in and gave a description of what he had seen quickly fly over the airplane.

After hearing the pilot's description of the UFO has led some of our curious minds to wonder. The pilot shared a description of what his eyes saw that he described as a cruise missile-type object. You can hear the call by clicking here that KOAT Action News shared about the UFO sighting that's getting national attention.

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The FBI in Albuquerque is neither confirming nor denying the investigation about the UFO. After reading the story and hearing the pilot's description is no surprise. It didn't come as a surprise for me since El Paso, Texas also has its fair share of UFO sightings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and with that said I believe that extraterrestrial life exists.

There have been more than a few questionable sightings in our El Paso sky over the years. A lot of us have our own personal stories, videos, and pictures to share about those unusual sightings. For example, Brandon had shared a story about the strange lights over El Paso last year.

Then in 2017, there appeared to be what looked like a burning flame in the El Paso sky. Or the time in 2015 when some El Pasoans captured what seemed to have been a strange floating object in the sky. There are UFO sightings constantly that happen all around the world but the question is, do you believe? Leave your opinion about whether or not you believe extraterrestrial life exists in the poll below.

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