There have been a few occasions when we've looked up and wondered if what we saw in the sky was a UFO. A year ago El Paso had what looked to be a burning object in the sky.

I want to throw it back to last year when Gagare 1952 recorded this unusual sight in our El Paso sky. There are some people who believe in UFO sightings and some that just don't. It's hard to find out exactly what we saw above is either a UFO or just something else. The footage captured in the video above is so far away but looks like a flame of fire. This wasn't the only footage from our El Paso sky that led us to believe we were looking at a UFO. This isn't the first time El Paso has experienced something like this and will probably have more ahead.

If you do or don't believe in the whole UFO sightings, be sure to take the poll below!

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