It hardly rains in El Paso, but when it does, it comes down HARD & this weekend was proof & a reminder that summer is always the hottest & WETTEST time in El Paso.

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I DO love the rain & this past Sunday, we got hit HARD with a lot of rain AND HAIL. After yesterday, it became pretty clear to me...the rains are coming back & monsoon season is here again in El Paso. According to the National Weather Service, the El Paso monsoon season usually runs between June 15th to September 30th so we're a few days late but for the most part, we're right on schedule. We've certainly had plenty of rain hit the station as well...


And the rain just kept coming....

I even got caught up in the hail over on the northeast earlier in the afternoon...

We're expected to see even more rain later this week so here are some tips for the rainy season:

  • Bring an umbrella, or jacket with head covering.
  • Make sure you got plenty of water/food in case of power outages.
  • Make sure you have plenty of flashlights/lanterns, etc. Any external light source is good to have.
  • Have a surge protector for any electronic devices such as computers, televisions, phone chargers, etc.
  • Make sure your car is properly maintained, especially if you have to drive all the time (just like I do). Also avoid driving if it's raining really heavy outside.
  • Check your roofing on your house or apartment. Speaking from personal experience, nothing stinks more than having water leaking INSIDE on your floor.
  • Don't leave any pets outside in the rain, let them come inside if it gets too heavy.

So here's to another few months of really wet, hot (& muggy) weather.

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