El Paso is looking so green these days; it's got us doing a double take!

Adriane Lynell Imagery

El Paso's landscapes and mountains are so green that it's giving us Ruidoso feels. Ok, maybe not quite forest-like but definitely greener than usual.

Over the last couple of months, El Paso has been experiencing a very active monsoon season that runs typically from June through September. All that rain has in turn sprouted fields of green, wildflowers, and lush vegetation across the city.

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The rain has been keeping everything so saturated that Creosote (Gobernadora), including Texas Sage, has been wildly blooming, dotting the city in purple bunches from traffic medians to gardens and even sidewalks.

Samuel Bravo III

The transformation is so apparent that El Pasoans have been taking pictures, sharing them on social media, showing a lush and fecund abundance of new growth, from Transmountain, Scenic Drive, to the Franklin Mountains to McKelligon Canyon, and beyond.

While El Paso looks terrific in a blanket of green, sadly, it won't last past the summer before it's all gone, so let's enjoy it while we can, and let's be mindful of just how dire our global climate crisis is and how we have the power to change our environmental future.

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